Fine Art Equine Photography – A Portfolio Website

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Stunning fine art & equine photographer Kimberley Spencer needed a website to showcase her work. With increased bookings and several art shows coming up, she needed to get her photography portfolio online, and fast! Her stunning photos required the simplest, cleanest layout possible in order to put her photography front and center. The result is a gorgeous website… [read more]

A Cause for Entertainment’s Fundraising Website

Auction Page

A Cause for Entertainment came to Get Art Seen needing a website that could help promote their big upcoming fundraiser for breast cancer awareness. They needed a site that cold note only organize all their content including a logo, event information, special appearances, raffle information, details about the cause, manage ticket sales, and provide donation… [read more]

Sara’s NEW Actor Website

Homepage Below the Fold

Sara had the great fortune to sign with a fantastic agent, who was quick to point out to her that her current website seemed outdated and didn’t highlight her work and her goals correctly. Sara needed a new website that she could really highlight her accomplishments, new bookings, and cool media clips in. The result… [read more]

Dennis’ Performance Website

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Dennis came to Get Art Seen looking for help getting his performance website up and running. He had tried using Wix, but was having trouble getting all his content organized and looking the way he wanted. He isn’t just an actor, but a director, voiceover artist, and storyteller, and it’s important that the website shows… [read more]

Deathblow Productions’ Website

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Deathblow Productions, a Chicago film production company, came to Get Art Seen with the need for a website that could show off all their high-quality film work, their expertise in horror storytelling, and attract potential investors, while keeping website visitors updated with events and announcements, and giving visitors the opportunity to explore their wide variety of… [read more]

ReVrb Sound’s Website

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ReVrb Sound, a Chicagoland DJ and Sound Service company, came to Get Art Seen needing a website that could integrate their 3rd party DJ software with the sometimes tricky SquareSpace platform. They were also looking for a site that could pull off a sleek, professional feeling while also showing off all their extremely varied services,… [read more]

Erin’s Website


Erin came to Get Art Seen because she was ready to kick her acting & singing career into high-gear. She’s been rocking it out in the Chicago storefront stage scene for years, but wants to get in those agents’ doors and start booking more commercial and film work. Erin had some incredible photos from her… [read more]

Sara’s Actor Website


Get Art Seen’s very FIRST website, was Sara’s Actor website. Sara performs on stage and screen in a wide variety of roles, so she wanted a website that reveal the breadth of her skill and her work. She also had a large variety of high-quality photos. This lead us to use a photo-predominant site layout… [read more]