Website Packages


simple site, DIY friendly
  • Platform, design & content consultation
  • Website framework set up in Wix, Squarespace,, or other DIY platforms
  • Homepage creation
  • Website training

If you’re on a tight budget and you don’t mind doing some of the work yourself, this is the package for you! Sara will help you map out your site content and choose your platform and design, get you all set up, and create your homepage for you. Then she’ll train you how to use the platform to finish building out the rest of your website.

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Sleek Basic

full DIY site, simple design
includes all Kickstart items +
  • Full website creation
  • Full content integration
  • Image editing & resizing

If you don’t have the time to learn your new platform and build it out yourself, this is what you want. Sara will help you map your site content, help select your DIY platform and design, then build out the whole site for you, uploading all your content.

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Fully Custom – BEST VALUE

gettin’ fancy
includes Kickstart & Sleek items +
  • Custom platform
  • Basic design alterations
  • Advanced site functionality

You need more options and flexiblity than the basic DIY platforms can provide, so you need to upgrade to! This is the option you want if you need a sleek portfolio displayed, or are looking for more design options and fancier website behaviors (like parallax images).

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Sell It

full ecommerce website
includes all Kickstart, Sleek, & Custom items +
  • Online store
  • 3rd party payment integration
  • Product delivery integration
  • Tax table integration

This is where you go to sell your art online. It’s expensive, but online retail is complicated. Sara will help you set up the systems you need to make it work.

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Optimized Business

a website that works FOR you
includes everything above +
  • Business optimizing integrations
  • 3rd party system set up & training
  • Advanced design customizations

There are a ton of 3rd party services and apps that make your business operation and administration easier for you. No, really, your website can work FOR you! If you want to save yourself and your employees time & money, talk to us about what your website can do for you.

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