Hi, I’m Sara

I’m an actor & artist, a web designer & developer, a catmom, a weightlifter, a supernerd and an all-around goof.

Scroll down for my story & what to expect of me when we work together.

My Story

Who Am I?

I’m an LA-based film & television, stage, and voice actor, performing artist, and coach. I won’t bore you with the details, but if you want to learn more about my art you can visit my other website: saragorsky.com or my IMDb page.

Um, aren’t you a web designer?

Heck yes! Acting doesn’t always pay the bills, so when I’m not on set I’m your resident friendly web designer & developer! I got my start back in Chicago where I worked for a boutique marketing agency for little over 5 years. Most of this work was for corporate clients and small-to-medium sized businesses. There I led the charge in managing the creation of large websites with complicated functionalities and great results. While I was there there I was able to hone my information architecture (IA), user experience (UX), and design skills, and learned quite a bit about content marketing systems and eventually coding and full on web design.

As that job came to a close, rather than look for a similar position at another company I decided I would venture out on my own as a freelance designer & developer. At first I focused on artists and art organizations (thus the ‘Get Art Seen’) because I recognized a huge gap in marketing knowledge there: Artists don’t know how the heck to market themselves and their businesses! Furthermore, some marketing companies take advantage of this knowledge gap and charge high fees to “take care of it”, but don’t help advise and educate artists as to where their time and resources are best spent.

So you work primarily with artists?

Well, it turns out this lack of marketing and branding knowledge doesn’t just apply to artists, it’s true for almost everyone starting out with their new small business! What has unfolded for me in the past 6+ years since I began on my own is the joy of working with clients across MANY industries, from nutrition and life coaches, to non-profits of all shapes and sizes, to fashion and spiritual blogs, to real estate and production companies, and of course artists and art organizations.

What you can expect from me…

  • I’m reeeaaaaally good at taking your hopes and dreams, your ideas and your giant pile of mismatched content, and organizing it into a clean, modern, user-friendly (and dare-I-say: sexy?) website! ALL of my business is referral based, so you know that my clients love my work, and working with me.
  • I’m all about transparency and honesty when it comes to working together. I want to make you the best website possible within the budget you’ve got. If your budget is humble then maybe we can’t accomplish all the bells and whistles you wish you could have, but we’ll get as close as we can, and I’ll always be upfront with you about what our challenges and limitations will be at every step of the process.
  • I’m an incredibly hard worker and will bust my *ss for our project together, but I’m sometimes over-optimistic about how much I can accomplish in a day, so occasionally I’m a day or two late.
  • I’m a human being. I sometimes goof up. But I will always be straight with you about it, and I will always make it right somehow. I also understand that sometimes life happens and it might derail our project timeline. I’m not gonna charge you extra fees, or give you a hard time about it because I know how it is and I trust you.
  • I’m super trustworthy (see above), but if you begin to take advantage of that then I’m gonna talk about it with you, because if we lose trust it’s going to effect the quality of our final work together. I’ll try my best not to be a butth*le about it, but I expect the same from you, ok?
  • I LOVE MAKING YOU SHINE! This process is a joy to me, and usually we can have some fun together in the process.