Why don't you list your prices on the website?

Good question! I actually don’t have any static prices in place because I find that each and every client has a very unique set of needs for their website, so I personally customize all my quotes based on those client needs.

Do you do payment plans?

The short answer is YES. Usually I ask for 50% up front, and the remainder upon project completion, but since I’m a one-stop shop I have some flexibility. If you’d like to discuss an alternate payment plan just ask!

How long does it take to finish a website?

There’s no one answer to this one because that’s dependent on a LOT of factors including my current production schedule, and more importantly – your availability and readiness to jump in. The #1 factor that increases project time is when you don’t have your content ducks in a row. In order to keep the design & development process as quick as possible I recommend you have all of your website content (text, photos, videos, and anything else integral to your new site) all collected and ready to share at the beginning of the process.

Do you do everything yourself?

I really TRY to! However, sometimes I need help with complex programming and functionalities. In that case, I have a couple of very trusted developer colleagues I might bring in to assist me in getting your project complete. You won’t ever meet them, or deal with them directly, but on my honor they are some of the best, most trusted people I know.