My Services

Website Design & Development

It’s listed first because it’s my bread & butter: I LOVE designing websites! My web design process works a bit like a professional kitchen: you and I will work together to prep your content and messaging and establish the look and feel of your digital brand, then I take all these materials and custom design you a site that not only looks great, but sends the right message to your customers and streamlines your marketing process. I can design you any type of site: from long-scroll one-pagers, to brochure-style, to portfolios, and even large eCommerce stores. You’ll see in my portfolio that I’ve worked across a wide variety of industries and none of my sites look the same because I’m not in the cookie-cutter business. Your site must be authentically YOU and that means all my work is custom – designed FOR YOU.

Wordpress Development

Maybe you’ve already got a website but need a few new pages added; maybe you love the current site design but the site is stodgy and slow so you need to rebuild it to improve the back-end structure & security. Maybe you’re doing a new site but you’ve got a designer on staff so you just need a developer to build it. Maybe you’re even a design company looking for someone to execute your work for clients. I can cover those bases for you! I enjoy designing, but I’m not precious about it – I can pinch hit for you when you just need a builder.

Graphic Design

Have you ever been stuck trying to get your logo and fonts to look right in your presentation or struggled getting your bullets to align in your darn brochure? It’s not easy stuff: Every software program is different and every printer has different size & quality requirements – and what does 300dpi even mean?! Save yourself the hassle and hire a professional to do it! I can help you with any & all of your graphic needs. From business cards, postcards and invitations, to full event programs, capital campaign presentations or banners – I’ve got you covered. (Also, DPI means dots per inch, and it refers to a measurement of resolution of the image you’re printing 😉 )

Logo Design

Whether you need a simple, text-based logo, or something a little fancier with colors, graphics, and other doo-dads – you can call on me! My logo services are perfect for brand new products, services, and businesses looking to present a professional brand right out of the gate. Once you approve the final design you’ll receive all the final logo files (in both flat and vector versions) so that you can apply your logo in all the places you’ll need to. Don’t forget: If you need things like business cards, social media header graphics, or branded letterhead; I can do those too! Nothing impresses clients, customers, and investors more than having all your branding ducks in a row.

Email Marketing

You’re ready to reach out to your list, but you want to make sure your messaging looks professional and accurately represents you and your brand. You could spend a boatload of time learning the email campaign systems and building an email yourself…OR you can just hire me to do it! I’ll work with you on crafting not only the eblast look and feel, but your marketing language, too. It’ll save you a ton of time and boost the effectiveness of your campaign. When our work is finished, you’ll have a pre-loaded email template to use in the future. I can also help you up-level the way you already use your email systems with automation, list segmentation, and even A/B testing. If you’ve got a lot of emails to send and no time or support staff to do it, you can even hire me to manage your whole campaign!

Website Rescue

There a few reasons you might need me to put on my superhero cape: maybe your website got hacked and you’re getting that scary ‘red blocked screen’ from google; maybe your website is loading really slow and is glitchy and you’re looking to put some virtual band-aids on it to make it useable again; or maybe you’re mid-project and your developer disappeared on you suddenly. Take a deep breath. It’s not your fault, it happens to everyone. Seriously! But the great news is that I can help you out. I’ve brought a bunch of ‘lost projects’ to completion and restored many a hacked site. My virtual paramedic services can help set your website right again no matter what’s going on with it.


Site Management & Maintenance

I build all my sites to be edited by YOU and your team after launch. However, I also know that sometimes you don’t *actually* want to dig around in the website yourself, you’d rather have someone else keeping their eye on it and making updates for you as needed. I’m happy to help you out! Depending on what your exact needs are we can work together on either an hourly basis or a monthly retainer.