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Deathblow Productions, a Chicago film production company, came to Get Art Seen with the need for a website that could show off all their high-quality film work, their expertise in horror storytelling, and attract potential investors, while keeping website visitors updated with events and announcements, and giving visitors the opportunity to explore their wide variety of content including trailers, posters, stills, scripts, and fun film extras. It also had to be easy for them to update on their own.

We worked hard to organize all the juicy content into a manageable, easy-to-read structure that is easy to navigate, and visually exciting without feeling crowded. Fortunately for us, Deathblow Productions had hundreds of really high quality photography which really showed off their filmmaking skill, so the result is a website filled with gorgeous, wide lens images and really cool film shots. The film work really takes front and center on this website, and the quality of their work shines like the top of the Chrysler building.

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March 18, 2015