Sylvia and Andre came to me via a mutual friend and we began working immediately on a website for their new product, Vital Scoop. They are both brilliant business owners who needed a website that guided all their site visitors to become customers and easily make their purchases, but was super easy to manage customers and orders on their end.

E-commerce stores can be tricky to set up because you’ve got to be sure you’re collecting appropriate taxes and shipping fees based. For Vital Scoop, we also needed variable products set up, so customers can select the size they want to order. Fortunately, setting up e-commerce is a strength of mine and the final store has been a huge success, helping Sylvia and Andre move a TON of Vital Scoop.

UPDATE: We just added an affiliate functionality to the website! This allows Sylvia and Andrew to partner with other business owners and offer sales commission for customers who use their referral links. VERY COOL!


Check out what Sylvia and Andrew have to say about working with me:

Sara built a website for our business, She is a wonderful mix of being able to technically build the site while serving as a creative guide in the process. Through discussion, Sara was able to bring the feel and flow that we have within the business into the website. The creative expertise that she brought was so important to the final result. Sara is also a great problem solver. She guided us through solutions in the creative placement of items as well as working through some technical aspects of the online store. She even got on the phone with us and worked with our merchant to resolve the problem. She is a true professional, easy to communicate with, and made the process of designing a website very easy and fun for us. Sylvia and Andre Doss,


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June 2, 2017